What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Reclaiming PPI Premiums?

When discussing matters like such as recovering mis-sold PPI premiums, the absolute first thing to think about is “Am I Elligable to claim my ppi in the first place?”.  Also, “Did I actually have ppi on any of my policy agreements in the first place?”

So, the first course of action is the check your agreements, check for any attached payments out for ppi, check to make sure that you have been making payments on a policy, and keeping those payments up to date.  Either way, you should still be able to reclaim your ppi whether or not your payments are up to date, because you have still made previous payments out to the banks for a product you should not have been sold in the first place.

Making sure that you have the above points covered is pivotal to the next step, because you are now going to submit your claim.  But before you do that, you must first select a good company that you can trust.

You eligibility (in a nutshell) is as follows:

  • You MUST have had ppi on a policy and you MUST have been making payments into that policy
  • You must also have actually taken out the loan, not just inquired about it
  • You must be a UK resident (usually over the age of 18)

Your criteria for selecting a company should include the following different factors:

  1. The price that they will charge you once the claim has completed.  This is important because this will be the fee that will be charged of you once the claim has finished
  2. The next thing you should look at is the actual service that is offered for the fee they are charging.  Some companies only offer a remedial service, others offer a complete service.  Choose one that offers a total ppi claims service to you.
  3. Another thing to make sure of, is that you have checked the privacy policy.  This is because you will want to know what these companies will do with your data once you have it.  One great example of a company that is very considerate with how your data is used is ppi claims 4 you which is a firm that is based in the United Kingdom that has expert staff that can really work well on a claim due to the expertise they have and the years of experience.

Once you have all of these things taken care of, with all of your information gathered, it is then time to begin your claim.  To do this, either call up the company that you wish to make your claim OR submit a claim using an online application form.  This will get your details over to the company so that they can get started on your particular case.

Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks With One of These Products

Do you have stretch marks? If you have ever put on weight, had children, or maybe are predisposed to stretch marks, then you know, all-to-well, what those shiny, silvery marks on your skin are. Do you know what it is that causes stretch marks? Stretch marks are caused by the body growing faster than what your skin does. Your skin cannot keep up; therefore, the elastic fibers just under the skin begin to break. This leaves you with stretch marks.

Stretch MarksIf you have stretch marks, chances are you have tried at least one product to help get rid of them. While nothing can get rid of all of the stretch mark entirely; there are products available that will help to reduce the mark, and lessen its appearance. So, if you’re looking for a product that will help you decrease the look of stretch marks, here are some of the most notable products available that help reduce their appearance.


In this skincare line, you get two products. One; TriLASTIN-HT® HydroThermal Accelerator, is TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Complex. These products work together in stretch mark reduction; with the first product conditioning the skin, and the second, being the main agent, and the skin corrector. Over time, and with regular use, the skin regains its previous appearance.


Mederma is a skincare product that is specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Because it helps reduce the look of scars, it will also help with the removal of stretch marks. Mederma helps to reduce discoloration that comes with stretch marks, as well as it smoothes the texture of the skin, and it helps increase the smoothness and softness of the skin. These attributes help to reduce the look and feel of stretch marks.

StriVectin SD 

StriVectin is one of the strongest, most concentrated formulas for wrinkles, and stretch marks. It re-hydrates your skin with concentrated moisturizers, while diminishing lines. It does this by reducing the depth, the length and number of lines, or wrinkles. StriVectin SD will help you to enhance your skin’s texture and increase your skin’s performance. It is an advanced product in skin care, and will bring back a more youthful look to your skin.

With so many products on the market aimed at the reduction in stretch marks, you are sure to find a product that not only works, but will give you the kind of results you want. Stretch mark creams may not be able to wipe stretch marks completely gone from your skin, but many products can reduce their appearance so they are not visible. If one product doesn’t give you the results you are looking for, try another. There is surely one you’ll be happy with.

The Official Psychic Review Checklist

When pondering a relationship issue, or just searching for some clues about what’s in store for their future, many people turn to the service of a psychic. Is this a first time venture? A first time psychic reading can change lives dramatically. Although many psychics have thrown up shingles both online and off, finding a truly gifted psychic that has genuine ability, is not as easy as it may seem. The following psychic reviews checklist,tips and tricks, will help any new comer avoid scams and find a gifted psychic who can do an accurate, scam free reading.

Signs & Portents

Finding Real Physics Online

A web search online,will produce a variety of mediums and clairvoyant psychics to investigate. So, how can you tell which psychics are real and which are fakes? How can informed psychic reviews help build confidence in the psychic or medium employed? First, understand that psychic reviews online, aren’t always trustworthy. A website or blog, labelled as a psychic reviews site, maybe in place just to scam prospective customers into hiring unscrupulous psychics, who are only in business for the money.

Some Psychic Networks are Scams

Some networks will let anyone with a computer, sign up to be a “psychic reader”.  A simple form filled out in about two minutes, gets them in the door. After that, no other contact is made with the psychic and the network simply takes their cut and pays the psychic their percentage. Just about anyone can say they have psychic powers and start charging to advice callers.

Some psychic networks will remove negative commenting or bad reviews from angry, dissatisfied customers, every few hours. Positive, glowing reviews will remain and customers have no idea the site’s a scam. Some companies may even hire their own reviewers, specifically to write all positive reviews. This makes it even harder to find an authentic psychic who’ll give an accurate reading.

The good news is – Not all companies are scams, and there are several genuine psychics online. Here are some tips and tricks for learning to spot the fakes

Psychic Reviews Checklist

  1. Psychic readers who request extra money to dispel a family curse or remove demon influences are fakes. This is one of the oldest tricks and a sure con game.
  2. If the reader is asking a line of questions they’re giving a “cold reading”. This is where the psychic grills callers for as possible, and then makes some thoughtful guesses, prompted by what they think you’d love to hear.
  3. If a company offers “free psychic readings”, it means there’s a catch somewhere and callers will be forced to spend money for bogus reasons. Psychic’s do not give free readings, if they did, they’d be out of business fast. This is just a trick to get you on the phone. After a free psychic gives out some general information which convinces callers to continue, they start charging as the call progresses.
  4. A gifted and genuine psychic will never ask for any extra money psychic for any additional reason. One flat-rate should be charged, or real psychics can also charge by the minute.

Do Pheremones to Attract Men Really Work?

If you’ve ever been attracted to someone but just couldn’t put your finger on why, it may be due to pheromones. These chemical signals originate places on the human body, including the underarms. An organ in the nose — but not the nose itself — can detect chemicals that other people emit. The vomeronasal organ, or VNO as it’s known, is more prominent on some species. Interestingly enough, the VNO isn’t present in birds and a few other species. But pest control companies have even used pheromones from rodents as part of their products to divert pests from areas such as gardens or homes.

Science doesn’t yet know why some pheromones attract some men or vice versa. Some studies indicate that chemicals in pheromones that attract members of the opposite sex may indicate reproductive health. Pheromones may have acted as a signal for our ancestors to find healthy mates with whom to product offspring. In fact, pheromones even help straight women determine whether a man is heterosexual or homosexual. However, people haven’t been aware of how pheromones are affecting them, especially in modern times.

Tessa and John

Pheromones in the 21st Century

The VNO in younger humans, which may contribute to unusual levels of sexual interest in adolescent humans, that is, teenagers. Plus, natural pheromones may not not be strong enough to overpower the bath and body products that people normally use. Body wash, perfume, lotions and hair-styling products can all make it difficult for the VNO to detect pheromones. The nature of the VNO also means that you must be in proximity to another person for pheromones to be effective.

However, some chemicals therapies can mimic pheromones. Such is the case with hormone therapy. Androstenone, androstenol and androstadienone may be registered by pheromones. For a more detailed description on the different types of pheromones, you can visit Pheromone Authority here: http://www.pheromoneauthority.com/types-of-pheromones/  Patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Similarly, women may notice that more men are attracted to them during some parts of their menstrual cycles because pheromones are more present. Even breast milk contain pheromones that attract potential mates.

Simulating Pheromones

Various manufacturers sell products that include pheromones to stimulate sexual attraction. These products may be colognes or, for women, perfumes. Deodorants may also contain pheromones, and women will wear these products in hopes of attracting a member of the opposite sex. Pheromones to attract men differ from pheromones for men to attract women, so these companies typically market multiple products: some for women and some for men.

Pheromones won’t necessarily mean you’re going to live happily ever after, but they might be enough to get the conversation going initially. Women who have trouble meeting men can consider a spritz of a pheromone-based product to turn a few heads when they walk into the room. Wearing them on pulse points can help with the efficacy of the pheromones. According to science, it’s worth a shot.